Lecturer-Student Relationship - Anything Wrong? (Artikel Pilihan)

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Scanning through the campuses, either IPTA or SWASTA, there is no doubt that the relationship between lecturers-students nowadays differs compared to the old days. Today they are much closer than before with the reason of knowledge sharing. They sometimes create reasons to avoid misunderstanding of their closeness. What to do…our Malaysians are quite famous with their “busy-bodiness”..Especially gossips.

The relationship between lecturers and students and the closeness that occurs between them is acceptable but of course with a limit. If both parties are clear of the limitation between them, they will not involve with each other to “fulfil their desire”.

There are times that life is like a joke or a drama. The lecturers spend time with their own students, strolling around during working hours while their students willingly entertain them to get good grades. This is absolutely unethical.

Minister of Higher Education should be particular with such problem and prepares the act in prohibiting lecturer-student relationship. They should not be lovey-dovey but to be serious with their actual responsibility of educating and gaining knowledge.

In a nutshell, lecturer-student relationship should not be a problem as far as they do not go beyond the boundary but to carry out their duties as they should. Students should of course fill in their empty vessels with knowledge while the lecturers lay helping hands along the way. No one should be blamed if they get into the “love trap”, but it must not hinder them from fulfilling their duties. Most importantly, they should live as a life as pure campus students to avoid misconduct.

Azri Abd. Rajid

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